Since 1774, Rankin Brothers & Sons has been supplying the beers, wines and spirits industries with top quality closures for the cask, keg and bottle. If you use new, reconditioned or have `old’ stainless steel or plastic containers, we’ve a good chance of matching you up with an ideal closure. Rankin shives and keystones are rigorously tested to strict performance criteria, reducing the risk of blow outs and leakers; no mean feat when you consider the variation in casks. A continuous development programme enables the supply of the most innovative and high quality closure solutions at the best possible value. Recent innovations include the A & B banded shives designed for use in plastic casks. Did you know that Rankin can also help premiumise your brands in bottle with decorated sleeves or capsules. We also supply T Top Stoppers for spirits and have a great product in Nature™ specifically designed for use in gins and other clear spirits. Brewers and distillers can select from the following range of closures: Shives – Keystones – Spiles – Corks – Keg Caps – Capsules & Sleeves – Bar Towels – T Top Stoppers. 12 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Full range of closures available from Rankin Brothers & Sons The UK sales director for Schäfer Container Systems, Mike Hickman, has highlighted the strong global demand for kegs world-wide for the remainder of 2018, a demand which results in lead times which some brewers find difficult to live with. According to Mike, kegs are a major capital investment with a potential lifespan of twenty years and should be planned accordingly. “From talking to UK craft brewers, it seems that one-way keg rental schemes can be open ended when it comes down to the costs charged per day,” he says, “so consid- erably more expensive than originally planned. “Also, one-way kegs are being closely examined re their environmentally sustainability and disposal after use.” With the introduction of the returnable ECOKEG which combines stainless steel and polypropylene for the hoops, Mike believes that lead times for craft brewers can be reduced, while saving money, reducing weight and also highlighting their brewery logo in the keg design. Contact : mhickman@schaefer-container- CONTAINERS Showcase We asked companies supplying the following products and services to let us know something about themselves.... l New, or pre-owned and re-furbished casks and kegs – for purchase or lease – plus cask repair and branding services, and container closures l Bottles & cans plus labelling and decoration, and on-shelf packaging l Bulk packaging and associated labelling for transportation of beer and other beverages l IT systems for container tracking For more information visit: For more information visit: Strong demand for Schäfer kegs 12_Layout 1 16/05/2018 14:05 Page 1