36 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Cellar cooling specialist J & E Hall has announced the retirement of managing director Mark Roberts who stepped down from his role at the end of March 2018, after 42 years of outstanding service to the company and the industry. Mark was appointed Managing Director of J & E Hall in 2000 and he says that ‘flexibility’ has been the key to his career progression. “It’s time for some new ideas at the top of J & E Hall,” he concluded. Mark will not sever his ties with J & E Hall and Daikin entirely and will continue to work as senior advisor. His successor is Andrew Bowden, formerly director of human resources and general affairs Zoedale Ltd, which supplies breweries with valves and pumps, has added a range of small brewing systems from 23L to 400L, made by Italian company, Camurri, to its product list. Zoedale decided to put the Camurri Brauer 23 Litre brewing system through its paces and arranged a ‘brew day’ with Manchester-based brewery, Beer Nouveau. The CB 23 is a ‘one pot’ brewing system for mashing, sparging and boiling with no need to pump the liquid to a different vessel for the boiling stage. It was decided to brew a dark hoppy beer, similar to a Black IPA. The Camurri unit was filled with 20L of cold tap water then the PLC embedded computer was set to pre-programmed recipe number one (64°C for 90 minutes, then 75°C for 5 minutes then 99°C for 60 minutes). You can programme 4 different recipes and the CB needs minimal manual intervention once the cycle has started. The CB 23 heated the water to 64°C in around 30 minutes ensuring a consistent heat with the mixing blades turning. Once at the set temperature the PLC gave the message “Step Works. Add Grain for Mash”. Grain was added - 5.6Kgs of a mix of English and German grain for the Mash. The instruction on the PLC was then press the “Push” button which started the Mash cycle temperature controller and timer. The mixing blades were turned off after 30 minutes to avoid breaking up the grain too much and long spoon was used to manually mix every few minutes. The cycle finished, and the Camurri Brauer’s PLC advised to prepare for the Sparging stage then press “Push” to resume. The Camurri units have a basket that can be lifted and clamped in place to allow recirculation and sparging. Some dark chocolate malt was added for colour and the recirculation process began using the tap to fill a jug then tipping the wort onto the mash bed. Then the sparge took place using 4 Litres of pre-prepared liquor at 70°C to extract more sugar from the mash. Now for the boil - The CB23 got up to 99°C temperature in another 30 minutes and gave the message to “Add hops”. They used 200g of dry leaf Brewers Gold hops and left for 50 minutes to boil with the lid off. With 10 minutes left some French Fugles hops were added along with a Protofloc tablet. The cycle finished, and the Camurri unit could be powered off. Now comes the bit the brewery was most impressed with. They used the steel cooling coil from Camurri, connected to mains water. The Wort cooled from 98°C to 67°C in 4 minutes, to 38°C in 15 minutes and all the way down to 19°C in just over 30 minutes. This was very efficient and helped create a lovely visible cold break in the wort. All that was left to do now was to open the valve and transfer the wort to the conical fermenting vessel (also from Camurri) using just gravity and a bit of help to stop the hop leaves blocking the valve. The OG of the wort was 1.058 Gravity and the estimated efficiency of the unit was around 70%. There was only just over 17 Litres of wort transferred instead of the desired 20L, partly to do with the amount of loose leaf hops and unusable wort at the bottom of the unit. The OG was quite high so the guys agreed to Liquor Back another 3L which gave a new OG of 1.047. The yeast was pitched and the fermenter was sealed. Overall, Beer Nouveau was impressed with the Camurri Brauer CB 23, particularly the pre-set programmes on the PLC meaning you can go off and do something else without constantly checking what the unit’s temperature is doing. The beer was bottled, primed and left to condition for 2 weeks, resulting in a very decent tasting dark beer of around 5%. The Camurri Brauer is available in 23L, 50L, 200L and 400L versions and is ideal for serious home brewers, brew pubs or breweries looking for a separate pilot kit on which to run small batches. Brew day with the Camurri Brauer CB23 and Beer Nouveau Mark Roberts retires from J & E Hall News PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT www.zoedale.co.uk For more information visit: www.jehall.co.uk For more information visit: 36_Layout 1 16/05/2018 09:35 Page 1