The 2018 SIBA BeerX show in Liverpool was a fantastic success for PakTech. We saw many familiar faces and met many new business prospects. We are excited about the opportunity to expand our service to the UK craft brewery market with our environmentally responsible multi-pack carriers and application equipment. One of our main goals of the show was to highlight PakTech’s environmental story. PakTech’s commitment to quality is paralleled by our commitment to the environment. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality packaging handles to the beverage market with the least environmental impact. PakTech handles are made from 100% post- consumer recycled resin and are 100% recyclable. Our handles are repurposed from HDPE #2 milk jugs and similar containers. The PCR production process uses 100% less petroleum, 90% less energy, and emits 78% less greenhouse gases vs. virgin plastic production. In 2017, more than 81 million plastic gallon milk jugs were kept out of landfills and repurposed into PakTech handles. After being used and again recycled, PakTech’s handles are often repurposed into many useful third-life applications such as, composite lumber, pipes, flower pots, buckets, etc. PakTech directly collects and sells more than 600,000 pounds of handles and resin per year to HDPE recyclers. The same environmental stewardship that PakTech honours is found within SIBA’s independent breweries. The Liverpool BeerX show confirmed the stance of many aligning with our common care and concern for the environment. We are thrilled to be known has a recognised leader in delivering environmentally responsible packaging handles to the UK craft brewery market. We must work together collectively with the common goal of doing business right. 28 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Environmentally responsible multi-pack carriers on show at BeerX CONTAINERS Showcase For more information visit: 28_Layout 1 16/05/2018 09:12 Page 1