61 brewingbusiness.co.uk good design award 2016 NEW! 56.8cl 1 UK Pint Brimful 47.3cl 1 US 16oz Pint New: Craft Master One Pint Brimful! As a result of strong interest at BeerX and since, RASTAL is delighted to announce the launch of Craft Master One Pint Brimful. Created by Carsten Kehrein, RASTAL’s Head of Design, initially as a 47cl brimful tumbler, this multiple award-winning design has already proved to be a great success both in the UK and internationally. Its distinctive shape makes it comfortable to hold, whilst the the chimney-shaped upper bowl allows concentration of aroma. Craft Master One Pint joins RASTAL’s range of quality Craft beer-focused designs including Teku, Craft Master Two and Craft Master Bowl, allowing dedicated brewers to present their beers at their very best. RASTAL – at the forefront of glassware design for over 90 years offers: · In-house design and graphics studios · State-of-the-art 8-colour decoration with both ceramic and organic inks · A decoration MOQ of just 500 pcs · Dedicated and experienced in-market representation Please contact me for a quotation and the opportunity to pre-order production and be amongst the first to offer Craft Master One Pint glasses! Best regards Nick Crossley UK Agent: Nick Crossley for Rastal GmbH & Co. KG ncrssly@aol.com Telephone: 07768 648660 (mobile) • 0208 546 9083 www.rastal.co.uk 61_Layout 1 16/05/2018 10:55 Page 1