62 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Brew-School has responded to a recent survey which showed that 60% of British breweries are interested in exporting their beers; whilst only 20% actually currently sell their beers abroad. Chris Horne of Brew-School comments, "We have talked to a number of microbreweries across the UK and there is a definite aspiration gap between breweries who want to get into the export market and those who currently have the knowledge to do it. British beer is perceived to be a quality product across the world but the number of breweries who have accessed this potentially lucrative new market for beer is relatively small." “We are, therefore, developing a new course which will cover the administrative hurdles of exporting your beer. It will also look at the technical and packaging challenges of transporting beer and will feature a number of high profile breweries that have carved out a lucrative market for their beers in markets across the world including Europe and China. “This one day course will be a 'one stop shop' to enable microbreweries to gain all the essential knowledge to allow them to get exporting their beer at a profit.” ‘How to export your beers’ - new course info@brew-school.com For more information email: TRAINING & TUITION News The AUTUMN issue of will be published on 1st September 2018 Showcase Feature EQUIPMENT l New and pre-owned production equipment available in the UK, for brewing, distilling, wine-making, etc l New and pre-owned bottling & canning equipment available in the UK l Companies that will install your equipment and work with you in commissioning and initial production, in addition to providing tuition Which UK companies are showcasing their products and services at Europe’s biggest trade event in 2018 EDITORIAL DEADLINE : Friday 3rd August ADVERTISING ARTWORK: Friday 10th August Brau BevialePREVIEW 62_Layout 1 16/05/2018 10:58 Page 1