46 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Parker Bioscience (formerly Parker domnick hunter), a division of Parker Hannifin – the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems – has announced the formation of a new partnership with Belgium-based company, Agidens Process Automation. The new partnership combines more than 50 years’ of brewing filtration experience and industry-leading products from Parker Bioscience, with Agidens’ detailed knowledge and experience of brewing processes and automation. The global brewing industry will now be able to access systems which integrate Parker Bioscience’s microfiltration solutions with Agidens’ automated processing technology. Parker Bioscience provides filtration solutions for the global food and beverage industry. It has specialist expertise in the brewing, bottled water, wine and dairy industries, and supports companies in improving process control, efficiency and security throughout their production and packaging processes. Automation and process engineering company Agidens has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, and is active in the food & beverage sectors, amongst others. Parker Bioscience has developed cutting- edge technology for use in cold stabili- sation – the sterile filtration of beer to remove any spoilage microorganisms before it is packaged. In conjunction with Agidens Process Automation, it is now offering a platform of sterile filtration modules to suit a range of beer flow capacities and specifications, as a more efficient alternative to pasteuri- sation. The modules are designed to provide brewers with more control over beer quality than pasteurisation offers, coupled with lower production costs. The partnership will also deliver trap filtration and water filtration solutions. JBC has designed, installed, modified and commissioned an upgrade from an existing 6000 digital burner modulation system to an ‘Ecosafe’ 6009 simultaneous firing system, for Molson Coors, Tadcaster. The upgrade increased the amount of biogas burned by a massive 25%, saving the company a staggering £30k per year! The required components were retrofitted and the existing panel modified to allow a Hamworthy burner to operate and burn the maximum methane produced. The system required a different controller and a second oxygen probe as well as replacing the methane metering valve. Two analogue outputs were also supplied, one for modulating/firing rate and another for available bio gas. A digital run signal allowed the customer to monitor not only the boiler firing time but also where in the modulation range the burner operated. At the customer’s request, some of the work was carried out over the weekend to reduce the impact on production. Once complete, the installation was tested and demonstrated before the final hand over to the customer. JBC has also announced that it is a winner in the prestigious ‘Motion Control Industry Awards’ in the Environmental & Energy Efficiency Award Category with their Oilon burners and Ecosafe electronic digital control system. There was some stiff competition as JBC was up against strong finalists such BOGE high speed turbo compressors, direct air and pipework compressor systems and X-Design Pheu-Saver compressed air recycling. Numerous case studies, product information and testimonials had to be submitted to the judging panel, along with a strong evidence criteria and valid reasons to be considered in order to qualify as finalists. JBC scored highly in this category, showing substantial savings and efficiency in each case, as well as its excellent customer service levels. The winners were announced at the Plant & Asset Management Exhibition at the NEC on10th April and was presented to Pete Nicholls of JBC and Kari Palo of Oilon. Pictured: Oilon burner ‘Staggering’ £30k annual saving with ‘Ecosafe’ upgrade at Molson Coors Parker Bioscience forms partnership with Agidens Process Automation PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT News www.parker.com/perfectbeer For more information visit: www.jbcindserv.co.uk For more information visit: 46_Layout 1 16/05/2018 10:10 Page 1