58 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Don’t know your Jpeg from your PDF and get confused with you DPI’s? Don’t worry, Micro Matic can help. Micro Matic UK is proud of its new ecommerce website where size of order and size of business is no longer a barrier to getting top specification branding solutions. Since launching the website, customers have approached the company to say they like the simplicity and ease-ofuse on the website but that they are not experts in artwork creation and could Micro Matic possibly help. This is understandable as if you are a small brewery, as you may not have the in house expertise at hand to resize and manipulate artwork just the way you want. Micro Matic will now reformat artwork, if required, to ensure the correct fit for the correct lens to make the brand look as appealing as possible. One way Micro Matic supports website customers is that there aresimple artwork guidelines on each page when you select the lens you would like to buy. If you are still struggling when you upload your artwork and it looks out of position, the wrong size or just odd, the company has launched a new service allowing you to simply email your artwork to websales@micro-matic.co.uk explaining what you are struggling with, then an expert team of designers will be more than happy to help. When talking about the new e.commerce lens and brewery accessory website, Paul Palmer-Baker, head of design and operation for Micro Matic in the UK said, “We are very pleased that our website allows any brewery to benefit from the same printing technology as the large brands. We want customers (breweries, designers and marketing managers) to know that we are here to help, whatever the size of your business. If design is not your strong point, you can turn to us for help resize your artwork for maximum effect. It is what we do day in day out, working with our customers to make and print quality branding.” A high-profile deal with Carlsberg UK marks the latest success for on-trade tech company MRM, as the increasingly competitive market drives demand for its innovative marketing support software. The start of 2018 saw Carlsberg UK roll out MRM's POS Creator Software to its sales team. Using MRM's Brand Creator App, sales managers can use their iPads to create drinks menus and point of sale items in real time, during on-site meetings with operators. By sharing an interactive 3D visual, they can get instant customer approval during the sales visit. All items are printed and delivered to the venue within two working days in order to maximise the sales opportunity for operators. Tracy McIntosh, head of customer marketing at Carlsberg UK, said, "We give our on-trade customers as much support as possible to maximise the competitive edge our market-leading brands give them, and we needed an updated solution for providing pubs and bars with POS items. "Having worked successfully with MRM for six years now, we know they bring both industry knowledge and IT expertise to the table, and so they were our first point of call. The POS tool they have delivered to support our sales teams has surpassed our expectations in terms of both functionality and ease of use, and the immediate buy-in from our team is very encouraging." MRM is working with an increasing number of drinks brands and wholesalers. MRM targeting business growth as Carlsberg UK rolls out App News BAR & CELLAR www.mrmbrand.com For more information visit: www.micro-matic.co.uk For more information visit: Artwork help with your lenses 58_Layout 1 16/05/2018 13:27 Page 1