40 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Companies that will install your equipment and work with you in commissioning and initial production. Fluoroprene® XP, a universal all- round sealing material specifically designed for process industry applications, is now available in the UK via Dichtomatik UK Ltd, the exclusive provider for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies food and beverage related products in the UK. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, one of the world’s leading specialists in high- quality sealing solutions, provides not only seals but also materials to help its customers meeting these challenges. One of these materials is Fluoroprene XP, a highly fluorinated premium material with outstanding resistance in both water- based and fatty media. With Fluoroprene XP, process industry applications only require one material instead of the use of different sealing materials, typically made from EPDM, VMQ or FKM. Selection would be based on factors such as the working environment during the CIP/SIP or steam sterilisation processes, and the type of media coming into contact with the seal, such as fats, flavours and acid concen- trations. A universal material to suit all applica- tions, Fluoroprene XP has been specifi- cally designed to combine the positive attributes of the aforementioned materials. Fluoroprene XP displays very good media resistance (in both water-based and fatty media) in all critical areas of the food and beverage industry, as well as broad sections of the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. The material’s stability in a wide range of temperatures (from -15 to +200°C) is also impressive. Beyond the material’s versatility, another of Fluoroprene XP's advantages is its low capacity to absorb flavours and the corresponding prevention of flow back into the product media. This ensures that the material is perfect for applications in breweries that process and bottle a variety of differently flavoured beverages on the same production line. Seals made of Fluoroprene XP signifi- cantly reduce the transfer of flavours from one product type to the next, says the maufacturer. Fluoroprene XP’s unique media resistance ensures complete process protection while maintaining high economic efficiency. Storage tests performed with 75 Fluoroprene XP 40 over 168 hours are a good example, showing that it is extraordinarily well suited to applications involving concentrated acids and bases, high temperatures, and water and steam. The Fluoroprene XP product family also includes 70 Fluoroprene XP 41 and 85 Fluoroprene XP 43, which have been optimised for injection moulding processes, and 75 Fluoroprene XP 45, which is ideal for the production of metal composite parts, especially hygienic usit rings. All of the materials meet approvals and standards relevant to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, such as FDA, EC Regulation 1935/2004, 3-A® Sanitary Standards and USP Class VI. Ultimately, Fluoroprene XP offers high sealing performance for a broad array of applications, making it a cost-effective alternative for all process industry sealing requirements. It’s easy to let your labelling machine or label process stunt your packaging capabilities, says Vigo Ltd. “If you’re keen to widen your brand horizons through packaging, it may be time to give us a call,” says a company spokesperson. Some of the bottle labelling applications that Vigo has enabled breweries to incorporate include: • Front, back and/or neck labels, in addition to single wraparound • Opaque labels, in addition to transparent labels • Labelling cans, in addition to bottles • Professional looking, consistent label application, whether semi or automatic. Vigo labelling machines are sourced from two carefully chosen suppliers within the EU, with all machines CE marked. Vigo’s Engineering team sets each machine up for a customer’s bottles and labels, and provides full training in the use of the machine. The service doesn’t just end there: as with all the equipment Vigo supplies, these machines are fully supported by its engineers. If you’d like to discuss your labelling requirements with Vigo, call Andy or Rich on 01404 890100. Broaden your labelling capabilities Fluoroprene® XP now available in the UK News PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT www.vigoltd.com For more information visit: P11 S1 Zeta labelling machine www.dichtomatik.com For more information visit: 40_Layout 1 16/05/2018 09:55 Page 1