Alongside the iSpaniel Android app, the tags work by being scanned by smart phone at each stage of the container’s life cycle - at fill, giving brew ID and product information, then at delivery location, then at collection. It creates an entirely paperless operation. Real-time insight The scanned data is automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud, and customers check in to a plug-and-play browser-based dashboard, allowing real- time insight into container movements, in depth reports, maps, and the ability to home in on problem areas. The improved process control means that brewers can now track containers - and importantly locate delayed returns and bring them back for refilling - much more efficiently and quickly. Feedback from breweries is that they’re seeing a 20% or greater reduction in turnaround times, on top of the saving on capital costs replacing lost containers. Greater process control leads to better quality control and Bill said the latest update to the system means brewers can now ensure SALSA compliance through complete traceability of the brew. “We’ve now integrated brew data, showing who brewed it, with what ingredients, and using which equipment. They can see where the other containers from that gyle have gone, and take action quickly if an issue occurs. This data exists, we’re just bringing it together and for brewers, simplicity is key.” Bill said that as new kids on the block, the company was agile and hungry for greater innovation. “We’ll continue to innovate and enhance the tag, and are currently exploring newer technologies that may one day allow the tags to broadcast data by themselves, removing the need for any human intervention at all, automatically sending messages and alerts.” 26 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Tagging technology enables truly comprehensive container tracking CONTAINERS Showcase Emmerald Polymers has announced that its new website has gone live and breweries and brewers now have access to its products 24 hours a day. Since relocating the manufacture of the Emmerald GreenCask to the UK last year, Emmerald has been looking at how it can continue to improve and provide a broader service to its brewery customers. The newly launched EP website provides information, news and technical information with the added convenience of a new online shop. This facility allows the company to make its products accessible to all brewers looking to buy a quality, cask more conveniently at a good price. "Our new online shop will allow us to provide our customers with convenient 24-hour access to our products supported by our customer service during office hours," says Greg Whitehorne of Emmerald Polymers. "Many of our brewers are hands-on and busy during the day delivering, brewing and looking after their own customers. By providing an online shop customers can buy shives and casks at a time that suits them. “98% of EP casks are customised orders. When our customers choose to order online, every website order will be handled personally and co-ordinated by our team to confirm your branding requirements and check for delivery etc. “At Emmerald Polymers we offer a custom colour facility to breweries wanting to stand out. For breweries looking to purchase larger quantities of casks please contact us for details of EP credit and finance options.” Our keg rental service Close Brewery Rentals offers a fixed monthly rental over an agreed term. Kegs can be branded to your specification and delivered to your brewery. Why choose keg rental? • Flexible rental periods of 18, 36 or 60 months available as standard. • Cost effective entry to the emerging craft keg market without capital investment. • Simple single monthly rental charges with “no extras” allowing cost to be covered from sales revenue. • Kegs available with short lead times from stocks held in the UK. • 30 and 50 litre Euro kegs available as standard with your choice of extractor. Other keg types may be available on request. • Your own colour band identification or simple branding added by our world class factory in Yorkshire. Contact us today to find out how we could help. Website launch for Emmerald For more information visit: For more information visit: For more information email: Continued from page 24 26_Layout 1 16/05/2018 14:02 Page 1