66 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Join the BFBi BFBi was formed in 1907 as ABTA (Allied Brewery Traders’ Association) to lobby Government of the day’s legislation to control the Brewing & Licenced Trades. Among a gamut of sweeping changes aimed at the Brewing & Licenced Trades, its main proposal was that, at the end of 14 years, the ownership of all licenced premises should revert to the State. Also, at the end of this term, local polls would give electors the option of voting for complete prohibition or a reduced number of licences. ABTA distributed millions of leaflets, posters and pamphlets throughout the country, culminating in a demonstration on 29th September 1907 in Hyde Park attended by 250,000 people, including 120,000 members of the Brewing & Allied Trades. Such was the effect of this demonstration that the Bill received its coup de grace in the House of Lords on 27th November 1908. 111 years on, BFBi continues to represent the supply chain into the beverage industry with Full Members ranging from barley and hop merchants through to process engineers, packaging, point of sale. Manufacturers, including brewers/distillers, may join as Associate Members. As a “traditional” industry (in its best sense), where relationships between supplier and customer are recognised as adding value and ensuring sustainability, BFBi is well known as a facilitator of social and professional networking events. For more information please contact info@bfbi.org.uk BFBi, 11 Side Strand, Pendeford Place, Pendeford Business Park, Wolverhampton WV9 5HD Tel: 01902 422303 • Fax: 01902 795744 • Email: info@bfbi.org.uk www.bfbi.org.uk BFBi also has a range of benefits available to manufacturers, as well as traders, including: l Export Support – as a Trade Challenge Partner for UKTI, BFBi delivers financial and mentor support to companies within the brewing and beverage industry, as well as organising attendance at overseas exhibition and market visits. Host of the British Brewing Industry Export Email Group. This is a free of charge benefit to all manufacturers, with BFBi communicating and facilitating export leads. To be added to the list, please contact us. l Discounted Feed Assurance Scheme – a Scheme developed for brewers producing less than 200,000hl of beer per year and its distilling equivalent. As a BFBi Member, brewers and distillers benefit from a one band discount (Band 2 and above). l Free of charge HACCP Training – for brewers/distillers on the Feed Assurance Scheme. Certificated by SALSA. l Annual Directory – the most comprehensive guide to the industry, distributed worldwide. Available in hardcopy, cd format and interactive format on the web. l Website – constantly updated with access granted to Members Area, packed with updated research, legislation, guidelines and BFBi information. l Newsletter – SupplyLines quarterly newsletter, sent to Members and industry. Your press releases are included free of charge. The BFBi e-newsletters provide a weekly update for Members of BFBi. Members may also use the facility to market events they may be organising to other BFBi Members. l Market Information - access to news, statistics and information from internet sites around the world ((BFBi is a subscriber to the Financial Times, Just Drinks, The Grocer, Birkners Beverage World and other global drinks sites). l Business Advisory Helpline - provided, free of charge, to BFBi Members from Croners Consulting giving advice and information on the full range of business issues, including PAYE, VAT, Tax, Corporate Law, HR, H&S l E-Groups – the latest industry and sector specific information, delivered direct to your inbox weekly. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP COST: £225 + VAT per annum Brewers/Distillers Benefits 66_Layout 1 16/05/2018 11:01 Page 1