Whether they are short-term rental, long-term rental, leased or owned, beer can’t be racked or shipped without casks or kegs. Once the FVs and CTs are full the pipeline closes without the relevant retail containers. Tracking your containers from the start of the process ensures your beer stock levels are accurate. Using robust and reliable barcodes takes out the errors of manual recording, without adding the expense of RFID, to make data collection fast and simple. Accurate data collection can also give you traceability of ingredients by cask. Manage your casks with SPAsoft. Improving your cask/keg turns rate from every 16 weeks to 12 weeks reduces the number of casks you need by 25%, improving your profitability by reducing your monthly outgoing or capital investment. To achieve this effectively without creating more work by recording cask serial numbers manually, you need a system. For the cost of 15 replacement casks a year, you will know where they have gone and how long they have been there and integrate your stock control, order management, delivery planning, invoicing, and duty calculation. The brewery cask loss per year on average is 4%, and 16% of casks recovered in 2016 by Kegwatch were due to the supplier not uplifting. To manage your containers efficiently, integrate your cask/keg tracking with your brewing. Improve cask recovery with ‘casks on premises’ listed on your invoices, checking for empty casks within 5 miles of a delivery reduces the cost of collection and improves your turns rate. SPAsoft’s BMS cloud will help you improve your cask/keg turns reduce losses by recovering them sooner saving you money. When talking with brewers, whether those handcrafting microbrews or mid-sized operations, the issue that arises time and time again is quality, quality, quality. There is no doubt that the UK brewing market is among the most competitive in the world – and it’s still growing. And while more competition is a great thing for the beer drinker, for those looking to turn heads in what is an increasingly crowded marketplace it is doubly important that every drop of every brew needs to be served to each customer in absolutely perfect condition. While utmost care goes into perfecting each brew to gain the right balance of flavour, body and aftertaste, it is important not to overlook the importance of the container in which it is brewed and distributed. Not only do we believe stainless steel kegs produce the best quality brew, they control and retain those qualities throughout the entire process, right until the moment it is poured into a glass at the point of sale. But like any piece of equipment used in the brewery, stainless steel kegs need regular maintenance and cleaning. Using a keg servicing provider with a deep knowledge of stainless steel kegs is the best option to ensure your keg fleet remains in top condition to keep delivering the perfect brew time after time. THIELMANN is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel kegs, and we have expanded our servicing options so that we can offer full keg fleet maintenance, repair and servicing to customers right across the UK. No matter if your operations are big or small, and your keg fleet numbers in the tens or thousands, our servicing programme can be 100% tailored to your needs. Our full service and repair programme, provided from our Dewsbury, UK, facility, includes internal and external inspection, neck repair, chime straightening, spear maintenance, customisation, re-branding, cleaning and tagging options. The maintenance process includes visual inspection and assessment, internal and external inspection, pressure test, record of fault analysis, spear maintenance and refurbishment, including breakdown of extractor for ultrasonic cleaning, specification checks and data logging. Once kegs are returned to their zero hour state following cleaning and repairs made where needed, kegs can be customised with fleet branding solutions to make each keg stand out and bring brand visibility throughout the supply chain via logo embossing, screen printing and colour banding. Tracking solutions can also be implemented and managed for the entire keg fleet, to give brewers deeper knowledge of their keg fleets, the ability to compare keg availability against forecast, and to identify asset losses and loss rate trends. We believe stainless steel kegs are the best investment you can make for your brewery and your beer. Make sure they stay in top condition, and they will reward you – and your customers - with the quality brew you have worked to perfect, for as long as 30 years. 16 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Invest in your brew with THIELMANN stainless steel kegs Use SPAsoft for accurate data collection CONTAINERS Showcase www.spasoft.co.uk For more information visit: thielmann.com For more information visit: 16_Layout 1 16/05/2018 13:59 Page 1