38 BREWING & BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES BUSINESS Weird Beard Brew Co, a London based brewery specialising in hand- crafted beers, came to Bell Flow looking for a flow meter suitable for use in the production of its craft products. The requirement was for a high accuracy meter, sustaining minimal wear and tear to ensure longevity and low maintenance - allowing more time to focus on what the brewery is good at - making delicious, award winning beers. The Badger Meter MIDF hygienic electro- magnetic flow meter was the product deemed to be most suitable. The flow meter was to be used with both beer and water in the brewing process, so it needed to be both hygienic and have sanitary fittings. In this case, tri-clamp connections were used, as these were already in place throughout the brewery. This allowed for easy installation with minimal interference and would allow the meter to be easily removed and installed onto a different line if required. The hygienic mag meter features a food safe PTFE liner, 304 stainless steel body, and tri-clamp connections. The tri-clamp connections enables the meter to be easily removed from one line and placed in to various points within the process to measure water going into a vessel, and beer out of another. In addition, this meter has an accuracy of ±0.25% and no moving parts, protecting it against the level of wear and tear that traditional styles of meters often have. Coupled with the M2000 LCD amplifier, this also gives pulse and 4-20mA outputs which can be used for monitoring and batch control - providing a high level of performance for all conductive fluid applications. The backlit LCD screen shows actual flow rate with 2 totalisers and status. Makro Labelling UK has started the year with a double order from the Porterhouse Brewery in Dublin and for its subsidiary company, The Dingle Distillery. The Porterhouse Brewery was founded in 1989, specialising in importing various beers from around the world. In 1996 the company opened its first brew pub, the first in Ireland with other significant openings in London’s Covent Garden and most recently in New York. With the speciality bars creating a strong and loyal following, with consumers wanting to have their products at home, the company put in a small bottling line some years ago, and this was soon working to full capacity. The original bottling line is now being re-located to a new brewery site. The current labeller was not up to the job, so an order was placed with Makro Labelling UK for a MAK 01 8 platform labeller that will run at 6000 b.p.h. applying body, back and neck labels, with the capability of being able to do full wraparound labels when required. At the same time, Porterhouse Brewery’s subsidiary company, Dingle Distillery, placed an order for a complete Craft Spirit semi-automatic bottling line with Makro Labelling UK, with both orders due to be installed in the late spring/early summer. Richard Portman, managing director of Makro Labelling UK, said, “We have had a number of orders for our craft lines, both in the spirit and craft beer sector over the past year, and the Dingle Distillery order is another example of how craft spirits, in this case Irish whiskey, gin and vodka, is really booming not only in the Irish home market but also for exports. The beer line in Dublin has worked well up until now but the old labeller was causing a log jam and the company wanted to increase output to keep up with demand.” Makro UK has been appointed an agent for Eurostar. The company has had a close relationship with Eurostar of San Marzano Oliveto, located just outside Canelli, Italy for a number of years since supplying one of its filling machines to H & A Prestige, Chorley. Richard Portman said, “We have had huge success over the past year putting together small lines for micro producers of both beer, wines and spirits. The Eurostar range of machines fits the bill brilliantly for those who are on their second generation of equipment and want to move up from in-line fillers to rotary filling. Key to our choice of taking on the Eurostar agency for the UK and Ireland was their build and design quality. Just because the volumes of the micro producers are lower, does not mean they will accept inferior machines, and why should they when their products are top end high value brands ending up at the high-end bars and restaurants and retail outlets as well.” Pictured top is the Eurostar Mec Iso DPS Double order for Makro Using Badgers to brew beer News PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT www.makro-labelling.co.uk For more information visit: www.bellflowsystems.co.uk For more information visit: 38_Layout 1 16/05/2018 09:42 Page 1